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Frequently Asked Questions

Has my invoice been paid?

You can log in to your profile on our repository to check and view all outstanding invoices. Don't have your log in info? Email our Production office.

Do I need to send back my copy of the transcript along with my Read & Sign paperwork?

No you do not. The copy of the transcript is yours to keep. We only need the signed Witness Certificate page and the Errata sheet.

Where's my Transcript?

E-Transcripts and hard copies are typically sent out 3-4 weeks from the date of your Deposition. If you ordered a copy and are still waiting, please check your junk mail or spam box. Sometimes we end up there! Still no luck? Give us a call.

Do you also book interpreters?

Yes, we use the Louisiana Supreme Court listings of certified interpreters. Visit the website to find the language you need.

Does your firm handle hearings or meetings?

Yes, we do have Reporters skilled in this area. See the attached document including a list of questions and pricing on these services.

Can you transcribe my audio recording or video?

We offer this service to attorneys only. If your audio or video is of clear quality, we're happy to have you send this over to us for review. The length of your recording/video, subject matter, and the quality of your recording/video will determine how quickly the reporter can get the transcript back to you and how much per page the transcript will cost you. Please call if your audio file/video exceeds in size conventionally receivable.

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