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About Us

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic,
CRLA adapted to the "new normal" and gained valuable experience in using Zoom Video Conferencing Services. Don't want to travel? We'll set you up remotely.

proudly serving the state of louisiana since 2003

Firm owners, Caroline Escude' and Dez O'Rourke...

combined their 50-plus years of experience and expertise as Court Reporters to establish Court Reporters of Louisiana, LLC. Their goal was, and remains, to provide accurate and timely transcripts, utilizing the most advanced technology available, to the legal community. Our team of Certified Reporters, as well as our knowledgeable Production Staff, is dedicated to providing our clients with courteous, fast and reliable service.


Client Testimonials 

"My friends at Court Reporters of Louisiana handled the transition from normalcy to pandemic seamlessly by providing immediate assistance to me and access to Zoom services.  I was provided professional instruction on the use of Zoom, and was thereafter able to continue taking depositions throughout the pandemic from multiple locations without any problems whatsoever.  I highly recommend Court Reporters of Louisiana for the litigation support needs of attorneys."

-Andrew Eversberg of Schutte, Terhoeve, Richardson, Eversberg,

Cronin, Judice & Boudreaux (Baton Rouge, LA) 

"I have been using Court Reporters of Louisiana for close to 20 years.  They have consistently provided excellent reporters, timely transcripts, and very good scheduling services and remote deposition services.  I highly recommend them."

-John Stone Campbell of Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips (Baton Rouge, LA) 

"I have utilized Court Reporters of Louisiana for 8 depositions since COVID-19 restrictions have been implemented.  With the use of Zoom, the depositions went smoothly, we were able to share exhibits and view exhibits during the depositions, and all of the parties were able to participate. I would definitely recommend that you consider using  Court Reporters of Louisiana and their Zoom option until all of the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted so that you can move your litigated cases forward."

-Dominic Amato of Boyer, Hebert, Caruso & Angelle, LLC. (Denham Springs, LA) 

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